Western Australia

Thurs 31st March

Up at seven. The dolphins were fed about 8 so we didn't want to miss the action. One big problem though, it was lashing it down. A quick meeting. Did we really want to stand in the rain to watch some sea creatures be fed fish? No not really but seeing as we had driven this far north it would be silly not to. So off we went, braving the rain and the cold. To make it worse we had to pay $6 (£2.40) each to get in to the "National Park". It seemed we were late arrivals. A group of people were already knee high in the ocean listening to one of the attendants describe the life of the Monkey Mia dolphins. Gingerly we stepped onto the beach. We couldn't be bothered removing our trainers to wade in the water so we hovered on the edge trying to catch a view of the dolphins as they were being fed. Anyway here's a few photos of our rather disappointing trip. A few minutes in the rain was more than enough so we got into the car, heater on full blast, and started our southbound journey.

Perth at last. A phone call to Brad and he would pick me up on his way home from work, calling in at the Foundry for a much needed beer. Nothing much to say about the eight and and hour journey except that in 3 days we had covered 1,250 miles for not a great deal. Oh I did experience Australian Beef Jerky for the first time on the trip home. Quite an interesting taste. I must remember to bring some home for the lads (and lasses if they want) to try.

A few Guinnesses in the Foundry then it was back to Brad's for a bite to eat and an early night. I was shattered. My laundry would have to wait until tomorrow. I planned a lazy day in whilst Brad worked, watching DVDs, doing the washing and maybe reading my book. Easy life !