Western Australia

Mon 21st March.

Up at six, showered, breakfast, and ready to go at 7. Got to the hostel just before 8 where Dave was waiting for me. We left our bags there and walked into Perth Centre to hire a car and get a few things. The car wasn't available until 11 so we had to kill a couple of hours by walking round in the early morning sun. It was going to be another scorcher. Finally we picked the car up and then our bags and set off southwards. We reached Margaret River by 4pm where we booked into a hostel for 2 nights for £9 each per night. Trouble is we are in a dorm, as they call it, which sleeps 4 so we may have two other guests at some point. Also there is no bathroom so we have to use a communal one. I guess that's why it's so cheap.

Our plans are to go into the town tonight for a meal and a beer then buy some tinnies to bring back to the communal hall where no doubt we will all be singing and dancing by midnight. We have booked on a trip to the wineries tomorrow which picks us up at 10.45. It's £25 but we visit 5 wineries, a brewery and lunch is included on top of all the free booze and cheese. No doubt a long day and its a good job the hire car won't be moving until Wednesday when we hope to get down the coast further to Pemberton.

I will have my camera with me so you should have plenty of pics to look at soon. The trouble with these places is that there all all nationalities here. Hopefully we might have the room to ourselves but what's the betting we get a couple of Krauts in our room. I shall try to not mention the war. Just spent a quiet evening with Dave drinking Aussie witch pee. Got to the room about half ten and was glad to see that we had not got any additions.