Western Australia

Sat 26th March

Easter Saturday, half eight in the morning and it is raining. First time I have known it to rain in Perth. Is that an omen or what? Apparently Brad has arranged for a bit of deep sea fishing for me on Monday, as long as the seas aren't too rough. They don't want a Pom getting seasick do they? I am sure they would love to see me heaving over the side so no beer for me on Sunday night, especially as we are setting off at 4 in the morning. I thought I was on holiday!
They have said that I shouldn't let the fact that a 6ft Great White has just eaten a snorkeller worry me. I'm not worried because I read somewhere that if you punch a shark on its nose you will scare it off. No problem then as long as the shark stays still long enough for me to land a haymaker on its snout.

Here's a few more photos for you of my South Western trip. We have just booked the car from Tuesday to Friday for a trip up north. Apparently even less populated than the southwest and far hotter. We thought Albany pretty boring so be prepared for a cure for your insomnia. Mind you if I can watch Bolton play football I am sure I can put up with any tedium heading my way.

It's mid afternoon now. Myself and Brad have been to the bait shop and to his Uncle Scotty so we are well prepared for the fishing trip. We have even stocked up on beer as it is tradition, apparently, to have your first beer as the sun rises and we set sail. Not that I don't trust these sons-of-convicts but I think their aim is to make me suffer on the high seas. Little do they know of my seafaring heritage. We used to go out on the fishing boat from Flamborough many a time when I was 8 and 9 years old.
As is tradition also over here, we visited the foundry. Is it only a week since I was tempted to a Guinness? Well this time I succumbed. More so because it was teeming down with rain and made me feel homesick. Nah not really but it sounds good to all you stuck at home waiting expectantly on the start of British Summer Time!
So now we are back at Brads about to tuck into a Pizza. A traditional Aboriginal dish so I am told. But we all know what b******t they talk out here. I am sure it was the Maoris that invented Pizza.
Then it was footy time. Aussie rules that is. The local team, Fremantle Dockers, were playing last year's champs, Port Adelaide. We watched the first half at home then got a taxi to the Foundry for the second half. Freo won what was a great game. This game must demand the highest level of fitness of all team games as it is non stop action from start to finish and there's none of that injury feigning that Arsenal and Chelsea do. A few beers there and then we were picked up by one of Brad's friends to go to the Como. Another popular pub apparently although it was quiet tonight probably due to the Easter holidays. A few more beers there and then round to Mick's house, a friend of Brad. It was just after 2am when we left there for a 10 minute walk home which turned out to be 30 minutes! A quiet night in all.