Western Australia

Sat 9th April

Up at 8 today and left at quarter to nine. Checked in and waiting to board. Can't wait to get to either Singapore or Bangkok to update my website. You all will be thinking I have dropped off the face of the earth, but here I am, ready for the next stage of my trip. I have been away nearly four weeks now but it seems like eight. Probably due to the batchelor life I have been living over here with Brad and James. That plus all the travelling I did the last couple of weeks. It looks like a healthier life style when I get back home. Pils lager instead of Smooth, that should do it. And only one visit a week to the chinky.

I will be meeting up with a guy from home (will keep you guessing on that one) on Sunday in Bangkok and on Monday we will be on a trip to see a lot of Buddhas. Tuesday will be spent trying to book a flight to Phuket for Wednesday where we are meeting up with another guy who runs a diving school or something (I haven't met this guy before). It will be interesting to see how Phuket is "post-tsunami". I have heard that business is gradually drifting back.
Then after that it's back to Bangkok and straight on down to Pattaya to meet up with Dave, the guy I met here in Perth. A few nights down there totally chilling out before it's time to head home to the grim reality of finding employment. No doubt there is a mountain of pc work to be done as well. I suppose that's the start of paying for next year's trip.