Western Australia

Mon 28th March

I was awoken by Brad with some good news and some bad news. The good news was that it was 5am and not 3am but the bad news was that it was still raining, in fact it was persistently so. But we decided to brave it as the storm seemed to be passing. So down to the harbour for half five and out we went. The weather did improve and the ocean was calm. However we didn't catch the big fishes we were after but instead caught a few small ones which we threw back. My first beer was at 7.15 just to prove I wasn't seasick followed by a few more as the sun got hotter.
It was a pleasant morning but now I am ready for bed. I need to conserve my energy for tomorrows trip up north where the temperature is supposed to be roasting.

Here's a few pictures of the fishing trip.

A quick kip in the afternoon and then we were ready for action. The trouble was there wasn't much action to be had. Alan called round to say his farewells as he was off inland on a job on Thursaday and so wouldn't be seeing me again (until the next time I visit!). We had a few beers and a chat and then Alan was off. Myself and Brad had a really interesting night watching the Aussie X Factor (not) and so I decided on an early night. Not a lot happening these days for me to report on I am afraid.