Western Australia

Fri 25th March

Up early again, half six on Good Friday, not such a Good Friday at the moment. Didn't get to sleep until midnight due to an invasion of the yellow peril! A large group of Chinese had arrived and were apparently excited about being in such a lovely hostel. Well that's what it sounded like as they jabbered on and on and on and on! What's Chinese for "Shut the **** up"!
As if that wasn't enough. Here I am in the dining area, having a pot of tea while updating my web. All was quiet and peaceful until the yellow army marched in about 7. Now they are sat at another table slurping their noodles into their mouth while no doubt discussing such things as interest rate changes, the effect of global warming, and America's involvement in Iraq. I am not sure if this is the same lot that kept me awake last night. They sound the same but also probably look the same (What's that old joke, "Chinese, Japanese etc"). Well I have had enough of Mao Tse Tung for today so I will end the update here. Don't be labelling me racist for my comments. I would have been just as caustic had they been American, African or Asian. More Mr Grumpy than Mr Racist!

It's nearly half seven so I will see if there's any life in Dave yet. We suggested an early start but this may be just a little too early for him. I wonder what two words he will use in his response to my "Wakey Wakey". A 5 hour drive to Perth lies ahead. O what joy!

The journey wasn't too bad. We did get flagged down by the police who checked our documents but that was only a short stop. Am now back at Brad's ready for a quiet night tonight. As it's Good Friday, everything is shut over here. No pubs open. My God, at least the Granby isn't quite that bad.........yet! Ah well it looks like we'll be watching the Little Britain DVD I brought over with me. I wonder what Brad and his big butch Aussie mates will make of it. I haven't yet declared that "I am the only gay in the village" yet! Mind you I can't as Steve (Dafydd) Anderson is the one with the pink hot pants.

On to more serious matters. I have managed to download the photos from the last few days so if you want to see what I have been up to the last few days, click on the appropriate link.

For a few photos of the stop at Margaret River, click here

Pemberton was the next stop and included visits to the Gloucester Tree, the Cascades and Big Brook Dam as can be seen here

I will put the rest of the photos on tomorrow or Sunday. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you !