Western Australia

Weds 30th March

I slept well until about half seven and got up for a shower. As I was showering the roadworks started outside. Maybe we won't stay here on Thursday after all. Today's plans are to have breakfast then go to an Internet cafe (few and far between out here) to update my web, and then set off on the 4 hour drive to Monkey Mia, stopping off at Denham first to check into the hostel. Wonder if all will go to plan?

A long long drive up North passing colourful place names such as Bunni and Billabong. We finally reached Denham having clocked 1000km (625miles) since we set off yesterday. We couldn't book into the hostel until 4pm so we drove through the town. One minute later we realised it was more village than town and only had one pub in it, luckily just 5 minutes walk from the hostel. To pass a bit more time as it was only 3 o'clock we decided to dive the 20 miles up to Monkey Mia to see what the crack was. Apparently the dolphins are fed in the morning so we have to go back tomorrow at 8am to see the dolphins in their natural environment. We have both decided to cut short our trip by a day as basically we will have seen most of what is on offer. So it will be back to Perth after our dolphin experience.

So it's a case of hanging round until about 8 tonight when we will go to the pub and sample some local beers.

It wasn't worth the wait. We got to the pub about half eight and there were only a handful of people there. A few beers later and we were the only people there. That's when they shut the bar at ten saying it wasn't worth keeping open. Unbelievable but I suppose their high season is over so we can't really complain. It was at this point we decided to get to see the dolphins in the morning and set off straight back to Perth. It was going to be an 8 hour drive but we could take it in turns at driving.