Western Australia

Fri 1st April

I woke about 8 after a solid night's sleep only to find it was raining again. So much for the sunny Australia I experienced last year. Not even had much chance for my freckles to come out. It's probably warmer in the UK right now! I did my washing but can't hang it out to dry yet. It's been stormy all day. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some respite. So it's down to watching DVDs. Luckily Brad has the Band of Brothers series so that will keep me occupied for ages. No doubt we will be down at the Foundry tonight but not sure when I am going to be able to update my web site.

Sure enough we ventured to the Foundry. It was a coldnight but the Guinness soon warmed me up. A band was playing and there was a reasonable crowd in without it being too busy. A fairly tame night all jn all, no arguments, no fights, no excitement. I did get chatting to one guy who was on crutches and he had broken his leg in 27 places by coming off his motorbike. That's his leg in 27 places, not 27 different places like Perth, Sydney etc !

We managed to scrounge a lift home off one of the barmaids and then I duly crashed out.