Western Australia

Thurs 7th April

I won't bore you today with the details but it was a case of washing my clothes ready for Saturday's departure. I saw the Chelski game on TV and have to admit Lampards 2nd was a cracker, even though it cost me £50 in the Granby's Fantasy Footy league. Hope the Germans stuff them in the return leg!
Brad has mentioned something about going to see the "Skimpies" in the local bars tonight. I have no idea what these are but it sounds promising. An update later I hope.

Happy Hour at the Riverton pub which in true Aussie style lasts 2 hours. After an hour there is what's delicately termed a "skimpy" who starts work behind the bar for a couple of hours. Eagerly awaiting her arrival I found myself drawn to the Kilkeny beer again instead of the local brew. This bar has a couple of flat screen TVs (take note Granby and Willow) one of which is dedicated to horse racing (and dog racing) and there is a betting shop next door. An easy way to be parted with your money. The skimpy arrived. She was very attractive and made more so by the lack of clothes she was wearing. A very nice matching set in warm pink! Forget the flatscreen Joan, just concentrate on getting Skimpies in at the Granby.
Needless to say, a few beers inside us, we decided to go down the foundry seeing as it was my penultimate (get the Dictionary out Steve) night. A very busy night with lots of talkative people. Brad knew the lead singer of the band who were playing and I even got a special mention in one of the sets they did. My fifteen minutes of fame, okay not quite. I am just glad he didn't invite me up on stage for a sing-a-long for my sake and the audiences. Mind you the Aussies did send Jason Donovan over to the UK so perhaps we need to pay them back somehow. For some reason I had switched to Vodka and Coke so I was well glad when it was 1am and time to go home. A nice long lie in for me whereas Brad had to get up for work. Quelle domage!