Western Australia

Tues 22nd March

Wow, what a day. It started at half six for me. An earlyish night meant I was up at half six this morning. None of this "brickie's sleeping sickness" for me. So what to do at such an hour? Well down to the beach to see the sun rising, then a drive around the deserted roads just to see how many beaches were local, then to a car park to do a bit of reading in the sun.I spent an hour or so like that, catching the early sun.

Eventually I decided to go back to my room and wake Dave up. We then went for some breakfast, (2 eggs on a slice of toast for £3 - what a rip-off). Back in time to be picked up for the wineries trip. We were first on the coach and was informed it was a full trip. Good god we thought. 15 other similar minded dipsomaniacs on the coach, what is it going to be like? Well we soon got to know. It was a mixture. A boring American couple, two Ozzie couples, a few others but most worryingly of all, a couple of Irish lads. Why worrying? Well we know the Irish like a drink don't we? And so it proved. The trip itself was a bit boring, just a sip of wine for each of the wines on offer in each of the wineries. I suppose it added up, but the Irish bought their own wine and suddenly everything liviened up. We finished off at a local brewery where we had to buy our own beer but it was fun tasting the different types. The beer over here does seem quite a bit stronger than that at home but I suppose that's the Aussies for you. They don't do things by halves (or should I say midis as that is what they call their half pints over here).

Then it was back to Margaret River where instead of being returned to the hostel we headed for the local pub. A lot of beers later and we eventually headed home. We got to know a couple of new mates, Irish though they be, and they will send me their digital pics at some time for you to look at. In the mean time it's time I headed for bed so we are up early for the trip to Pemberton tomorrow. Okay I know you are being starved of pictures and I will try and remedy that soon. I hope all is well back in the UK.