Western Australia

Sun 20th March

The early night meant I was awake early this morning. Half past five on a Sunday morning. Criminal innit? Anyway it meant I could sort my packing out and I ironed those clothes which didn't need washing. Then onto my laptop. Unfortunately Brad doesn't have a phone line so I can't connect to the Internet whilst I am here. However we are at Kim and Alan's for tea later today so I will be able to plug in there, so fear not intrepid readers, you will be able to receive your regular intake of "life according to Stuart" although it might not be quite so regular. I'm hoping when I set off down the coast tomorrow, the hotel I stay in will have internet access but it's a case of wait and see. Exciting innit?

A couple of things to do today. One is to grab some sleep, probably after a trip to the Mall to get an adaptor and a phone card, and the other is to get in touch with my Man Utd mate Dave who is holed up somewhere in Perth awaiting my call. Hopefully tomorrow I can start using my camera again and treat you to some quality pictures.

Missions accomplished. A 3 hour kip no less. No doubt I will pay for it tonight when I wake up at some ungodly hour but for the moment I feel refreshed. I also got an Oz phone card which means I can get in touch with folk without paying an extortionate call rate.

And so round to Kim and Alan's for tea. I won't bore you with the details suffice to say it was wholesome and plentiful and topped off with ice cold beer (not literally of course). Then it was back to Brad's where I phoned Dave, the Crosshills lad, and made arrangements for Monday. As he was staying in a backpackers place close to where Brad worked I would go in with Brad, which unfortunately was at 7.20am. Never mind, a few beers at Brad's and I was ready for bed at 10. An early night always helps.