Western Australia

Sun 3rd April

At last the sun has decided to show its face. There's still a bit of wind about which is cooling things down but I should be able to work on my freckles today. I might even do my ironing in the sun. What a daring life I lead! It will be a visit to Brad's mum today so I can update the web at last and catch up on any outstanding emails and maybe learn what I have been missing at the Willow and the Granby (I can probably answer that one without checking my emails).

Just a week left here now so will have to think about getting ready for the trip up to Thailand where I will be joining up with someone who's flying out from England next week.

A lunchtime trip to the Riverton Bar (imaginatively called the Rivo bar by locals) to meet the ever present James, one of Brad's friends. With nothing else planned we decided on a barbeque. How come, I ask, whenever Neighbours or Hoea and Away is on telly in the UK, there's always a party or something exciting happening, yet here, in the capital of West Australia, we are struggling to entertain ourselveswith something stimulating. "That's coz thats a load of trash we send to you Poms" was the answer. "yeh, well wait til we send you X Factor" was my reply before I realised they already had it. Hopefully Hells Kitchen is on its way as we speak!

Anyway James, the epitome of an aussie stud (equally full of himself and bulls**t) was on a hot date tonight, so no spicy stuff for him coz he was "hot enough already"! After a visit to Brads mums we were back at Brads place enjoying a cold beer in the hot sun. The bbq was warming up and so was James. Denying any feelings of nervousness he declined to eat. He disappeared about 7pm and that was the last we heard from him, for today at least. As tomorrow is a visit to Rottnest Island I took it easy on TED (Tooheys Extra Dry). Rotto (yet again an imaginative nickname) is about 12 miles off the coast of Perth and used to be where they sent naughty Abos, that is Aboriginal convicts in the 1800s and early 1900s. Its about 25 sq miles in size so I wonder if we could do a deal and send out naughty "Abos" out there now! I am sure we could raise a fair bit of money to get rid of them !!!

The ferry was at 8.45 in the morning which meant a lift in with Brad at half seven. Can't wait to be back in England where I can get a lie in. Talking of England I wonder how the jobs are doing I left behind. Am hoping my car is fixed, my rewiring completed, and my patio finished and fit for a king (well for a bbq at the end of May at least if no one else is having one(Murray?)).