Western Australia

Sat 2nd April

Probably my first mention of the shabbey but it is now 2 years since the announcement of our redundancy was made. Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself. Happy anniversary to all concerned.

Awoke with a headache for some reason. Must be the weather! Still no sun but it's on its way, supposedly. We went to the local pub (not the Foundry) at lunch for a livener and met two of Brad's friends there. As the sun was finally starting to break through the clouds we decided to have a barbeque back at Brad's so went to the local store and got some meat. I treated myself to a shark fillet too which was delicious. We whiled away the afternoon waiting for the footy to kick off.

At six we decided we had waited long enough and went down the foundry. Watched the Ausiie rules and then a local band played. I dared to be different tonight and drank Kilkenny. They've a bad policy over here I hope doesn't catch on in the UK. They put their prices up on the beer after 9pm. 16p a drink more. How bad's that? At least Dick Turpin wore a mask! Needless to say I made my point of view known when I realised, for all the good it did. unny thing is though, how come I didn't realise the night before when I was drinking there as well? Managed to see the Liverpool match live at least before we all had had enough and decided to call it a day. I did text Dave (who I had gone on my Aussie Adventures with) to see if he still fancied Rottnest Island on Monday but have yet to hear from him. Obviously he is otherwise occupied so will have to try him again tomorrow.