Fri 22nd April

Our last full day so we decided to visit the nearby Jomtien Beach. Our receptionist had volunteered to show us the beach as it was her day off, which was kind of her but as we were paying for the petrol, drinks and food I suppose she did okay out of us. We got to the beach and it was superb. Loads of shaded area on the beach so no need to get frazzled. The sea just a few metres away so a cool dip always on hand. Plenty to do on the beach, including bananas, parascending and jetskis as you can see.
Food was constantly being offered by vendors and we tucked into giant shrimp, spring rolls, and even deep fried baby crab which Tim seemed to enjoy.
I even dared to paddle in the ocean but was wary of any fins that might appear. Swimming with sharks is not a favourite pastime of mine. We spent a few hours just idling away there, rueing the fact that we should have done this on the first day instead of the last but never mind. Eventually it time to go back to the hotel which brought a smile to the receptionist's face.
A dip in the pool before the swun went down and then out for the final night. Not sure how this will end up but we have to be out of our rooms by midday.