Mon 18th April

Another sunny day, but a big problem. There were water-chuckers everywhere. I had to try and get to the internet cafe though to do my update. So with laptop in a carrier bag, Dave (who had managed to get up the street from his hotel and remain dry) Tim and myself set off on our mission. 3 grown men scared of a bit of water, except it wasn't a bit of water, it was a lot of water!
There was no way up either street at the side of our hotel, and Dave said there was a small army of chuckers at the bottom of his so we only had one option left. We got to the bottom of the other street only to find another group of celebrators. I decided the update wasnt worth a soaking so we returned to the hotel where we could at least have a beer and something to eat without fear of a drenching.
We were rescued, or so we thought again, by the receptionist who gave us a lift back on to walking street where it was bedlam. Anything that walked got a soaking. Obviously these people weren't on water meters judging by the amount of water they used. We were well chuffed when we dashed into an empty Kilkennys pub. Still we ate and had a few bars and then the owner came down cursing the madness that was happening, as he still hadnt got any other customers. He threatened to close in an hour which rather worried us as it was still a war our there, albeit only with water.
Luckily, the water battles subsided and customers started venturing into the pub, some of whom had still received a bit of a soaking. A few beers later, with only solitary incidents on the street, we decided to move on. It would be a good idea to see Soi 7 we thought, where we had stayed 3 years ago. We managed to get there safely and got esconsced in a bar close to the hotel we had stayed in. A few beers more and the excitement of feeding an slephant that just happened to be passing and it was time to go. More so because it was almost midnight which meant that Songkran was about to start for the whole of Pattaya. A good piece of judgement as we only got one soaking on the way back to the hotel where a hot shower and dry bed was waiting for us.