Sat 16th April

A cloudy day today which is a welcome relief from the sun but it is still hot. I see it's still cold back in England which is such a shame! Better not crow too much though as I am back in a week.

We check out early tomorrow so I just thought I would let you see what we have had to put up with. This is the view from the balcony of the hotel, this is our floor, this is the bar where we usually started our nights off, and this is the pool.

It's the Arsenal game today sowe are going to go out earlier and watch the game then get back to our rooms by ten as we have an early start tomorrow. Well that is the plan anyway so we will have to see what happens. No chance of an update today, the network connector at the internet cafe isn't working properly so it could be a while before the next update.

We got to Scruffy Murphy's about half four. A good seat for the TV at the bar. Trouble was the match didn't kick ofrf for two hours. Nothing to do but people-watch, and drink! We got a bit peckish so we got some nachos covered in cheese. Very nice, I bet they would go down well in the Granby or at the Willow. A good game which was spoilt by 2 southerners who sat by us after the game and proceeded to spout at the top of their voices (as is their want) how good Arsenal were and how they would turn Man Utd over in the final. I didn't bother with them.
We left soon after as you can only take so much ! We had a few beers at the bar by the hotel then got ourselves to bed.