Mon 11th April

Morning came too early for some reason. Wanted to sleep in but received a text saying he had landed and was on his way to the otel. So I had to get up (although it was 10 o'clock but you can't beat a good sleep in) and meet him in reception.

The rest of the day was spent walking about the shops, and having lunch in Gullivers where we met a girl who works at Thai Fever in Shipley who agreed to be our guide and show us Bangkok.

We went to Siam Square at night which is more than a square, it's a big shopping complex full of bars, shops and people. Giant TV screens are on the outside walls of shops and thousands of people mill around aimlessly. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe where we got huge portions of food and then we looked around the shops where I was trying to get a new digital camera and hopefully an iPaq (hand held computer). Tired of being bumped into and ever wary of pickpockets we decided to go back to air conditioned heaven of Gullivers where we had a few beers before going back to the hotel. We had fooloishly agreed to let our guide show us the temples of Bangkok in the morning which meant an half-eight start.