Weds 20th April

The morning after. As I walked up the street to the internet cafe I could see little evidence of the water war that had descended upon us yesterday. The Thais must have been working through the night, although I know for sure some of them were talking through the night, right outside my door. That's the trouble with poolside rooms isn't it? I am sure I can feel a wave of sympathy coming from you all. Good job I had had plenty of sleeping tackle and didn't hear them until about 6am. Mind you I dropped straight back off to sleep again so it wasn't as though they bothered me.
So at last, my site updated, as well as the Granby Fantasy Football league. What to do next. Well as I am on holiday and only a few days before returning to Good Ol' England, I got my book and sat by the pool. Switching from shade to sun and back. Dave and Tim showed their faces later and Tim wanted to do some shopping whilst Dave was fancying pie and chips (obviously he can't wait to get back home). I decided to do nothing. We agreed a meeting time of 7pm at the bar and then we would go play some 10pin bowling for a change to our drinking routine. However I do believe there's a bar at the bowling alley. Perhaps it might help me with my score.
It is Dave's last night in Thailand so no doubt we will be doing something for him to remember it by. At least he doesn't fly til tomorrow night which gives him a chance to recover.

The bowling went well, unfortunately the beer went better. Not only was there a bar but they were selling large bottles of Singha for only 25p more than a normal bottle. It was strange how Dave's game seemed to improve with each bottle.
We came out of the bowling alley and straight into the bars of Soi 7. More beer flowed and Dave again fed a passing elephant. Not as hard as it seems as the owner stops and sells you a bag of food which you either put into the elephants mouth or hold out for it to take with its trunk. It was only a baby elephant but big enough. At another bar a full grown elephant was paraded and Tim got on its back (it had knelt down of course) and had his picture taken. Shame I didn't have my camera with me. Yet again the hours seemed to fly by and before we knew it we were on a baht bus heading back to the hotel for a sleep and no doubt a headache in the morning.