Thurs 21st April

Dave's last day! He turned up at my room with his bags at 10.00am, a little under the weather from the previous night's escapades. We grabbed some breakfast in the hotel restaurant then made our way up to the internet cafe in the main shopping centre. We wandered around for a bit before going back to see if Tim had managed to crawl out of bed yet.
A lazy day just sat around the hotel waiting for Dave's taxi to turn up. Eventually it did, on time, and we were waving goodbye to Dave with our bottles of Singha.
We decided to give him a good send off, in his absence, so at night we headed down to the Pig & Whistle on Soi 7, a favourite haunt of mine last year, and as a bonus it was quiz night ! When we got there I noticed straight away that it had been refurbished. Very nicce it was too but when I ordered the Singha and asked about the quiz I was told they don't do them any more. A bad start to the night but it was made even worse when we noticed a ladyboy working behind the bar. What's the world coming to? So it was time to drink up and go next door to Rosie O'Gradys. It was quiet here so we moved on to the bars where we ended up playing pool until the early hours.