Thu 14th April

Got up about ten. Sorted my laundry out and read a little on the balcony with a nice cool breeze. Tim showed his face an hour or so later and we went down to the pool. I naturally sat in the shade whilst Tim cooked himself. He may well pay for that later.
We went exploring in the afternoon. Well when I say exploring I don't mean Marco Polo style. It's just a small village really but we found out there wasn't only one gay in the village. In fact it was last night when we were looking for bars we saw a street full of them. Our spirits up, we strolled down the street. It was after a minute or so we noticed all the bars were full of men and we did an abrupt about turn when one of the "men" started walking towards us and welcoming us to his bar. I didn't know whether to walk out backwards but we made a hasty exit. I hope no one got a picture of us in there. I aren't ready to be "outed" just yet !
We made a note of the area where there were some bars so we are hoping that things might liven up tonight. As we walked along the front back to our hotel we noticed a McDonalds which had been devastated by the tsunami, so it wasn't all bad news then. It is unbelievable to think that it was only about 16 weeks ago that the tsunami hit. With that thought in mind perhaps I should buy myself a rubber dinghy and leave it in the bedroom just in case another one hits.
Back at the comfortable outside bar of the hotel (pics tomorrow as I have only just got over the massive task of the photos for Bangkok) we spent an hour in the cooling sun putting the world to rights. If only Britain could have some weather like this, If only everyone was as pleasant in Britain as they are in Thailand, IF only beer was as cheap in the Willow and the Granby as it is here! Then Tim decided he was going for a swim in the sea whilst I went back to my room and read a while. I warned him that if the sea suddenly disappeared then run like hell because a big wave would be coming. Oh and he had to knock on my door as he passed!
Time for another night out on the town. We had arranged to meet a friend of Tim's called Ian (a diving instructor in nearby Krabbi) at the hotel bar and he duly turned up with his Thai girlfriend of 4 years called Noi, and with 3 of his work colleagues. I found myself introduced to Ian, then a Swiss, a German, and a Frenchman. It felt like the United Nations as we struggled to make conversation.
We started off on beer but as we hit town we progressed to a whisky based drink that the locals favour. Although it didn't taste too good it did seem to help to break the language barrier. Suddenly it seemed that I could speak French and German (and I didn't mention the war once!).
We had a great night visiting all the little bars, playing Jenga and Connect 4, and we discovered a new "game" that they play in this area of Thailand. When I say game I am being very loose in my description. Its a matter of seeing who can hammer a 3inch nail into a block of wood in the least number of hits. Obviously the bar maids practise this every day but to macho men it is a challenge. Needless to say Tim lost but I didn't bother putting my masculinity on the line. It's hard enough to hit a nail at home when sober, never mind when half drunk and the eyes of the world upon you. Did I mention Tim lost !!!!!!!
The crowd of lads we were with then took us to a disco. Luckily it was closing down (half 3 in the morning) so we didn't have to stay too long. Then it was the long trek home and to bed. The last words as we parted from the gang were that tonight was just a warm up. Tomorrow will be the big day. Seems like there's a challenge thrown down there and in true English spirit I shall pick up the gauntlet.