Fri 15th April

Had a long sleep in today due to the excesses of the night before. Another hot day though. We met up with Ian and his gang and had lunch. Then it was time to go to the pool for a little sunbathing although I sat in the shade for the most part. I wish there was an "up and down" button for the sun's heat. Shower time after that and time to read before going out. There was a massive thunderstorm about 8pm and I hope it's a one-off else we will be getting very wet. Just like Songkran all over again !

We met the lads (and Noi) in Scruffy Murphys at 9pm. A few beers later we ventured into the many bars. It was overly busy tonight as there was a Bikers Rally on (beats the Gay Rally of a week or so ago). We managed to find a bar with enough space for us and ordered the local whisky. It turned into a bit of a "do" and soon we were encouraging the barmaids to strut their stuff, so to speak, around the pole. Growing bored with that we moved onto the next area of bars and virtually repeated the same thing. You can only take so much punishment and luckily the bars closed before we all fell over. Nobody felt capable of going to the disco so we caught a tuk-tuk taxi home to the sanctuary of the hotel room.