Fri March 18th

I woke feeling a little better than I had of late. Not as much coughing through the night but still not 100%. I lounged about in bed then went for brekkie at 9. A bit more lounging before deciding to shower and get over to the island. Lots of photo opportunities so I had been led to believe.

A taxi to the cable car terminal and then I was on my way. Getting off at the island terminal I was surprised by how quiet it was. Never mind, more room on the monorail for me. I went to the ticket office only to find out the monorail had shut down and was being replaced by a new monorail but wouldn't be open until June. Worse was to follow. The ferry service had been scrapped and half the attractions were under reconstruction. I should have guessed when the entry fee to the island had been waived. I managed a few photos before catching the bus back to Harbour Terminal on the mainland. From there I experienced the taxi culture again, having to wait half an hour for a taxi to Orchard Road.

I collected my glasses, amazed at how clear things in the distance looked. Amazing things are glasses arent they!! Then I went up to a mall famous for its electronics. However no bargains were apparent so I made my way back to the hotel. I got the taxi to stop en route at a 7-11 to get some beer as I was stopping in at night because the taxi was coming at half six in the morning to take me to the airport. I would try and bring my website up to date. One bonus of the broadband is that I can listen to the radio while I work. I am just listening to a recording of this morning's Chris Moyles show. Not sure when the next update to the site will be.