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The start of the cable car ride.
Going Down, as the actress said to the bishop. If the picture looks a lit tle grey, it's because the windows were tinted, honest!
The view wasn't bad. Beats the view from the Granby. Please note the black bar isn't a camera fault,it's just the inside of the cable car.
We approach midway. Here I could get off and look round a shopping mall. As if there weren't enough to look round on Orchard Road!
Just a minute. If I am car number 75, and the car in front is number 64, what happened to those in between? They said this ride was safe, but I suppose they said that about the Titanic too.
When I win the lottery this is what I am going to buy.........
On the final approach to the island. This is my first view of the ancient and sacred Merlion.
Just a minute! If this is so ancient, then what's that on topof its head?
The "famous" statue in its true splendour.

Apologies for the lack of quality images but during my stay in Singapore I was a little under the weather. Normal service should shortly be resumed.