Weds March 16th

Time would tell indeed. We landed on time after a long flight and after going through customs I waited for my baggage, reading the plentiful leaflets that abounded the airport. In typical Singaporean efficiency, the noticeboard informed us that all bags from our flight had now been unloaded and to go to Lost Property if we hadn't received ours yet.
What a great start! Off I trudged and reported my loss. Yes they knew about it and mine would be on the following day's flight (along with the others who had suffered the same fate). Well it was 8pm by now and there I was, bagless. A bit like getting divorced again!
Don't worry though, I was compensated £35 to buy myself any necessities until my baggage arrived. Plenty of beer money there then!
A quick reccie showed it was quicker and reasonably cheap to get a taxi to my hotel so off I went.

The check in was efficient and friendly and at last I was in my room. It was too hot and sticky to go shopping, and as I was promised my baggage between 8 and 9 in the morning I thought I might as well stay in and get some sleep. Besides I was starting to cough a bit more and my nose was starting to run. Perhaps the change in temperature I thought.

A raid on the mini bar and a read of my book and then it was time to try and get some shuteye.