Western Australia - Fremantle Prison
The entrance to the prison, until 1982 the only entrance but then there was a prison riot and the fire engines couldn't get through the gate which led to extensive fire damage in the prison. A rear gate was built after that to avoid a repeat.
The officer's entrance to the main building, built as you can see in 1855. The chapel is on the first floor.
Recreation time or meal time. This place was all the prisoners had apart from their cells.
This is where the prisoners had to slop out. Outside loos also for when they wanteda change from their bucket.
The Guntower was a fairly recent addition to the prison. Nothing like keeping an eye on the bad guys.
Rows and rows of cells which overlook the exercise yard. The turn stile was introduced after the riot to ensure the prisoners couldn't all rush in at the same time and overpower the guards.
The prison had 4 divisions, each of which had 4 levels. The higher the division, the more dangerous the prisoner.
I seem to have found the Division for Leeds Utd supporters, or should this be renamed the CocaCola Championship ?
The Chapel. The place for reformed prisoners to seek inner justice, or maybe it was a welcome escape from the crowded exercise yard and the claustrophobic cells.
This organ is 150 years old so must have seen a lot of action!
Isn't life much easier with Google !
This was how the cells were when the prison first opened. Not enough room to swing a cat in. Where would my widescreen telly fit?
The cell has been widened by merging it into 2 with the one next door. Still not a lot of room though but this hammock might look good on DDs patio.
Civilisation at last. Bunk beds meant a lot more room in the cell, although that depends on what one's understanding of "lots" is.
Luxury. When it was known that the prison was closing, prisoners started getting their own cells and were allowed to decorate them as well.
These types of cells were used to house the "bad boys". The furniture was bolted to the floor and the cutlery was plastic. They had their own gate to the exercise yard so they could be "exercised" on their own, without any witnesses I suppose.
This building housed the Death Row prisoners and also the prisoners sent to Solitary. The cell on the right hand side nearest the door housed the prisoner who was due for execution. This lessened the time between leaving the cell and being executed. How thoughtful of them.
The Hanging room. 43 men and 1 woman met their death here. The noose has a "mariner's knot" instead of the knot that was used in England. This type of knot actually broke the vertebrae and killed the victim instead of strangling them to death. Considerate right to the end. The chair was for those whose legs refused to "work" any more.